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Governor Kemp has extended the Shelter in Place order through April 30th so we will not have our meeting on April 28th.  The Officers collectively agreed that the May 12th End of Year Banquet will also be cancelled. There is still so much uncertainty with this Coronavirus and we are not willing to risk the health and safety of our club members. 


In order to move forward, we need club members to Vote on the following subjects, Please submit your Vote by Saturday, April 18th.

Next Meeting of the club? (Select one)
Club Member of the year nominations by committee (Select one)

Officers and Directors are nominated by Committee.  Paula agreed to maintain the position of President since it can not remain vacant. Both Andrea and Lee took over vacant positions and are now eligible to serve a 2 year term.

Click below to vote Yes for each position.
President - Paula Richards
1st Vice President - Holly Billingsley
2nd Vice President - Andrea Raphael
Secretary - Lee Munsey
Treasurer - Linda Kennedy
Correspondence Secretary - Rachel Ferguson
Parliamentarian - Judy Scruggs

Appointed by President

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