The Loganville Woman’s Club


Organized March 1939

Last Revision February 2010

Article I—Name

The name of the club shall be the Loganville Woman’s Club.


Article II—Objectives

Section (1) The objectives of the club shall be the advancement of civic interests, educational pursuits and social and moral good among its members, the town and community.


Article III—Membership

Section (1) The qualifications for membership shall be the woman’s desire to work with the club to advance the club’s objectives.


Section (2)  A candidate for membership shall attend two (2) meetings as a guest at which time she may request application for membership.  She shall be sponsored by a member in good standing.  She shall be voted on by the membership.  The membership shall not be more than fifty (50).


In the event the membership is at capacity, the application will be filed with the Membership Chairperson until a vacancy occurs.  The Chairperson will then notify the prospective member of the opening.


Article IV—Officers

Section  (1) The officers shall be:


1st Vice President

2nd Vice President

Recording Secretary

Corresponding Secretary


Parliamentarian  (The Parliamentarian shall be appointed by the President)


The officers shall perform their duties prescribed by these by-laws and by the parliamentary authority adopted by the club.


Section (2)  Every two years, in March, a nominating committee of three members shall be appointed by the President.  A slate of officers shall be presented for vote by the nominating committee in April.  Officers shall be installed at the May luncheon.


Section (3)  The officers shall serve for a two-year term, with the exception of the Treasurer who may serve an additional term if elected.


Article V - Duties of Officers 

Section (1)  The President shall preside at all meetings of the club and of the Executive Board.  She shall appoint all standing committees and all other            committees necessary for the carrying on the work of the club.


Section (2)  The 1st Vice President shall preside at meetings and perform the duties of the President in her absence.  She is also Chairperson of the Membership Committee.


Section (3)  The 2nd Vice President is responsible for the organization of the yearbook.  The yearbook is to be distributed at the October meeting.


Section (4)  The Recording Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of the meeting and report same.  She shall keep a roll of club members and be custodian of the papers.


Section (5)  The Corresponding Secretary shall conduct all club correspondence.  She shall act as reporter for the club publicizing the club activities in the media.


Section (6)  The Treasurer shall have the care and custody of all monies belonging to the club, be solely responsible for securities of the club, and be the officer who shall sign checks or drafts for the club.  No special fund may be set aside that shall make it unnecessary for the Treasurer to sign the checks issued upon it.  The Treasurer shall render at each meeting a written account of the finances of the club and such report shall be physically affixed to the minutes of the monthly meeting.


Section (7)  Parliamentarian shall rule on all parliamentary questions, keep an accurate record of all amendments and provide each member with a copy of the proposed changes to by-laws at least thirty (30) days prior to voting. 


Article VI—Finance

Section (1)  The club shall operate on a fiscal year beginning September 1 and ending May 31 of the following year. 


Section (2)  The annual dues shall be $25.00 payable in September or October.  Members joining after January shall pay $15.00 for the balance of the fiscal year.  A member in arrears after January shall be dropped from membership after due notice by the Membership Chair.


Article VII—Meetings

Section (1)  The regular time of the meeting shall be on the fourth Tuesday of each month from September through May at 11:00 a.m. unless ordered otherwise by the Executive Board.


Section (2)  Called meeting may be held at the discretion of the President to meet the needs of the club.  However, the purpose of the said meetings shall be so stated to the membership upon notification of the called meeting.


Section (3)  The quorum shall consist of one-half the members for the transaction of business.


Article VIII—Committees

Section (1)  The Executive Board shall consist of the officers of the club.


Section (2)  The Standing Committee shall be those listed in the current yearbook.  All chairpersons are appointed by the President.


Section (3)  The President may appoint other special committees authorized by the club.


Article IX—Parliamentary Authority